Research carried out by the teams is mainly connected with problems concerning the durability of mineral building materials, especially cement based materials. Moreover, research is also carried out linked to new generation materials and red ceramics.

The interests of the staff focus on issues concerning the basic physical and chemical processes linked to the destruction of materials and the measurements of those properties that would allow us to predict their durability under different environmental conditions. The studies deal with mechanisms and the assessment of the results of different kinds of corrosion of cement materials caused by physical and chemical factors, their destruction under the influence of high temperature and the biodegradation of the materials. Our research also investigates the durability and weathering resistance of organic coatings used as a protection of concrete against carbonation. For several years past research has been carried out into the influence of material and technological factors on the ability of cement materials to transport liquid and gaseous media. Our studies also look at methods of sealing of mineral building materials. In addition, recent studies have dealt with the designing of the composition, technology and properties of Reactive Powder Concrete and the durability of cement materials made of ternary mineral binders.